Photo: Ola Waagen

Photo: Ola Waagen

Sebastian Rusten (f. 1986, Oslo)


2012-2015 Oslo National Academy of the Arts,BFA in Material Based Art.

2010-2012 Einar Granum Kunstfagskole.

2004-2005 Skjeberg Folkehøyskole Music and Music Production.


2018-2019 Arts Council Norways artist assistant grant working for Are Mokkelbost

2017 One year working grant from Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

2016 Stipend for newly established artists from Lillehammer county council

2016 Diversestipend - Stipend for newly established artists from Arts Council Norway

2015 Stipend from Foundation for Art and Designstudents


2020 Solo exhibition/Summer exhibition in the town of Leveld, curated by the artist in residence hosts Leveld


2019/2020 Exhibition/performance at launch for the zine “Becoming the Forest III“

2017 Zine launch for “Becoming the Forest II” (which included illustrations by me) and screening of “1:1”, Kunstnernes

Hus, Oslo, Norway

2016 Group Exhibition at Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer, Norway.

2016 Performance with Henrik Øiestad Myrvold and Vebjørn Guttormsgaard, Harpefoss Hotell, Sør-Fron, Norway.

2016 Group exhibition "Oppland Åpen", Lillehammer, Norway.

2016 Solo exhibition "1:1", Harpefoss Hotell, Sør-Fron, Norway.

2015 Group Exhibition, Tegneforbundet, Oslo, Norway.

2015 ”1:1”, BA Avgangsutstilling, KHiO, Oslo, Norway.

2014 Solo Exhibition ”Site:Site”, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, Norway.

2013 Group Exhibition "++", Black Box Theater, Oslo, Norway.

2013 Det Ror og Ror, Søylegalleriet, Oslo, Norway.

Music (Baritone guitar/bassist in Dark Times)

2018 Dark Times - Tell Me What I Need LP (Sheep Chase Records 011)

2017 Dirt singel 7” (Sheep Chase Records 008

2014 Give LP (Sheep Chase Records 004)

2012 Girl Hate EP 7” (Fysisk Format 046)

2011 Dark Times 7” (Sheep Chase Records 001)

2011 Dark Times EP cassette (Ormeyngel 008)

Illustration/Record Sleeves

2018 Dark Times - Tell Me What I Need LP (Sheep Chase Records 011)

2017 Contribution to zine “Becoming the Forest II” created by artist Una Hamilton Helle

2017 Occvlta – Night Without End (Electric Assault Records 32)

2015 Contribution to zine “Becoming the Forest” created by artist Una Hamilton Helle

2014 Dark Times Demo re-release cassette (Sheep Chase Records 002)

2014 Occulta – Night Without End (to be announced)

2012 Okkultokrati T-shirt Telemarken

2011 Okkultokrati/Årabrot – Split (Fysisk Format 041)

2011 Dark Times – EP (Sheep Chase Records 01)

2010 Okkultokrati – No Light For Mass (Fysisk Format 020/Ormeyngel 05/Lilla Himmel 002/Odio Sonoro 027)

2010 Okkultokrati – Ingen Veit Alt EP (Fysisk Format 034/Ormeyngel 10/Lilla Himmel 003/Odio Sonoro 035)

2010 Haust/Next Life –Split (Fysisk Format 018)

2010 Haust logo

2009 Okkultokrati T-shirt UFO/Pyramide

2009 Okkultokrati – Knarkskog EP (Ormeyngel 021/Lilla Himmel 001)

2009 Logo For Record Label Lilla Himmel